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FreeFileSync is a file and folder synchronization tool
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FreeFileSync is a file and folder synchronization tool. It is an open-source tool that is very basic and has two installation options. The first one is the regular installation approach, in which a directory is made, extensions are registered and an uninstaller is installed. The second option allows you to create a portable app, which is ideal for people on the go who work in different systems.

FreeFileSync is very easy to use. All you really need to do is tell the application the paths of the two folders that you want to sync and hit start. The program takes care of the rest. It also hides the files that are equal on both folders so you don't get confused. To make sure that files are always up to date, FreeFileSync looks at file size and modification dates. If they match, no new files are copied.

Although FreeFileSync normally allows you to sync only two folders, there is a batch mode that allows for what they call batch uploads. The way those work is you choose two folders for synchronization and save a file to the hard drive. You can do this several times. When you want to run those batch jobs, you simply open those files from the command line using the file syntax that is described on screen. It is really a nice work-around for functionality that should be there anyway.

José Fernández
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  • Very easy to use.
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  • Batch synching is a bit more complicated than it should be
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