FreeFileSync 7.2

It compares and synchronizes the contents of two folders
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FreeFileSync compares and synchronizes the contents of two folders of your choice. Basically, you can use it to keep backups of all your important files and folders in an easy way. Besides, the program can copy locked files and, in the case of MS Windows, it also keeps the NTFS information such as the files' permissions,owner, group and more.

Though simple, the program's user interface may take some getting used to, especially for novel users. It allows you to select both folders to be compared on one panel each, and you can also configure the comparison and the synchronization operations. For the file comparison, you can select between two methods: just by file time and size or by the entire file contents. The latter will take much longer, but its result will be 100% reliable. For the file synchronization, on the other hand, you can select among several variants: Two-way, Mirror, Update and Custom, and you can also select what to do to deleted files.

The program also handles filters, which you can configure through the include and an exclude lists, to prevent certain files from being synchronized. Moreover, you can also hide or show the files that are already identical in both sides, according to your preference. Once you have configured all those parameters and options, you can start the synchronization process, which is a very fast process, in general terms. This new version of the program includes several interesting features, for example, now you can select SFTP (Secure FTP) locations to be synchronized, rather than just local folders. Besides, FreeFileSync offers a multilingual user interface which supports almost thirty popular languages.

Even though this is a free program, during the installation process it tries to install a third-party tool that may be considered AdWare. Therefore, it is very advisable that you pay especial attention to declining the installation of this tool and get the program itself only.

In conclusion, FreeFileSync is a powerful comparison and synchronization tool that includes all the key features to perform a high-quality job, for free. The publishers offer you versions for all major operating systems such as MS Windows, MacOS and several popular distributions of Linux.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Offers you several comparison and synchronization methods.
  • Capable of copying locked files.
  • Capable of keeping files' NTFS information.
  • Capable of synchronizing SFTP locations.
  • Fast processing


  • You need to pay especial attention to avoid installing unnecessary third-party tools.
  • Its user interface has not been improved at all from previous versions
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