FreeFileSync 7.5

It compares and synchronizes the contents of two local or remote folders
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FreeFileSync is a versatile software tool that can compare and synchronize the contents of two folders. The program not only works with local folders but also with remote directories via SFTP protocol. You can tell the program how to compare the folders, what to do with the deleted files and how to handle the errors that may appear.

Even though FreeFileSync is easy to use in general terms, it may be a bit hard for beginners to understand the program's interface. It basically allows you to select the two folders to be compared, be them local ones or remote directories. Of course, if you select to connect to a remote directory, you will need to provide the SFTP login details including the server's URL or IP address, its SFTP port, the username, the password, and the directory path. The program allows you to simply compare your selected folders or to directly synchronize them. For the comparison you can select between two methods: by file time and size, which is very fast, or by file content, which may take a while to complete but its results are 100% reliable. The comparison results can be filtered to hide the files that are already identical in both folders, or to show only the files that will be copied or updated in any of the folders.

When it comes to synchronize the folders, the program offers you four methods: two way, mirror, update and custom. The method you select will depend on the kind of backup or synchronization that you plan to execute. Moreover, FreeFileSync allows you to create filters to specify the files or sub-folders that will be excluded from or forcibly included in the synchronization process. Finally, the program also allows you to save your synchronization jobs for further usage, or to save them as batch jobs to be automatically executed later. However, to schedule synchronization tasks you need to use Windows' scheduler utility, as FreeFileSync is not capable of doing it.

In short, FreeFileSync is a very good tool to consider whenever you need to backup or synchronize folders. The program is open source which is very interesting for programmers and software developers, as they can download the program's source code for learning purposes, or to contribute with its development. Well, in fact, anyone can contribute with the program's development by making a voluntary donation.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Offers you several comparison and synchronization methods.
  • Supports synchronizing remote directories via SFTP protocol.
  • Allows you to create inclusion and exclusion lists.
  • Allows you to save your synchronization jobs.
  • Allows you to create batch synchronization jobs


  • It may be a bit hard to understand to beginners.
  • You need to resource to Windows' scheduler to execute the batch jobs
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