FreeFileSync 8.2

It helps you compare and synchronize files and folders
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FreeFileSync is one of the most appreciated file comparison and synchronization solutions worldwide, as it's at the same time powerful, reliable, easy-to-use, and, best of all, free.
Thanks to its comprehensive and highly-configurable synchronization options, FreeFileSync is also great for performing file and folder backup jobs. FreeFileSync will work with both local folders as well as with remote directories. It comes with flexible automation settings that can save you a lot of precious time when using this tool to sync data on a frequent basis.

FreeFileSync lets you accurately compare folders before you decide if you need to synchronize them or not. The comparison can be either by file time stamp and size, which is faster, or by file content, which takes more time but is more reliable. Various comparison filters are also available, helping you view only the files that interest you. The synchronization process itself can also be performed using different file transfer methods (such as: two way file relocation, mirroring or updating files, or shifting files based on your custom parameters).

As you can see, there are plenty of features and functions available, and FreeFileSync is a quite powerful and comprehensive tool. Despite its complexity, its interface is rather neat and straightforward. It's not exactly the easiest to use tool of its kind, but it's neither difficult to handle or worthy of being completely avoided by beginners.

To sum it all up, FreeFileSync is an amazing choice for your file synchronization needs, and the fact that it's also open source makes it even more appealing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Open source.
  • Supports two types of comparison methods and four of synchronization ones.
  • Supports synchronizing remote directories via SFTP protocol


  • Could've been a bit more intuitive and easy-to-use
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