FreeFileSync 8.7

Compares and/or synchronizes the contents of two local or remote folders
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FreeFileSync is a practical software tool that helps you compare and/or synchronize the contents of two folders. The program can work with local folders, network ones and even remote locations that are accessible through the SFTP protocol. Moreover, you can set filters for both the comparison and the synchronization tasks, so that you can focus on the results that are really interesting to you.

Even though the program is rather easy to use, it may take some time to understand and get used to its interface. It offers you two panels, one for each location you want to work with, and you can compare or synchronize them by simply clicking on the corresponding button. It's probably a good idea to always perform a comparison first so that you can visualize the files and folders that are different between both locations, before performing the synchronization.

Although FreeFileSync allows you to get helpful results without requiring any previous configuration, you can always adjust the comparison and synchronization parameters and, of course, the filters. With regard to the comparison, you can select to compare your files by their modification time and/or size only (quicker) or by their contents (slower, but more reliable). You can also set the program to follow or ignore symbolic links. As for the synchronization, you can select among "Two way", "Mirror" or "Update" predefined methods, but you can also define your own synchronization rules according to each type of coincidence between your files. When a file needs to be removed from one location or another, you can set the program to send it to the recycle bin, delete it permanently or send it to the versioning system, which is one of the most helpful features of FreeFileSync.

Finally, I would like to mention that this tool also supports synchronizing MTP devices, such as mobile phones and digital cameras. Furthermore, it's also capable of copying even locked files during the synchronization tasks. On top of that, the program also allows you to automate your sync tasks through the creation of batch jobs. Unfortunately, if you do so, you will need to manually add them to Windows' Task Scheduler and configure their execution time.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Synchronizes remote folders through SFTP protocol.
  • You can set filters for both the comparison and the synchronization.
  • Capable of comparing files by their contents.
  • Includes a versioning system for removed files.
  • Synchronizes MTP devices.
  • Capable of copying locked files.
  • Allows you to create batch jobs


  • It may take some time to fully understand its interface.
  • You need to add batch jobs to Windows' Task Scheduler manually
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