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Synchronize data among various devices or locations
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FreeFileSync is intended to synchronize data among various devices or locations. It has a simple-to-use interface that has two panes, one for each of the locations, which helps users understand the process better. It is good that it supports various ways to synchronize files. In this regard, a two-way synchronization updates data on both locations. This allows having the most recent versions of any file regardless of where it is stored. The mirror method simply creates an exact copy of the source data on another directory. There is also the update method, which is based on bringing up to date the files on the target location. Thus, the synchronization process will not affect those files on the source directory that are older than the ones on the target. Finally, you can also use customized synchronization, which has the advantage of allowing users to define specific rules.

Once you have set a synchronizing session, you can save it for subsequent use. Nevertheless, when periodic synchronizing jobs are required, it is extremely important for a program like this one to allow scheduling tasks. In this case, the tool requires creating an external batch file that needs to be added to any task planning application. This has the advantage of not requiring FreeFileSync to permanently run as a service. However, this procedure is not as simple as it could be just if all the process was done from within the tool.

FreeFileSync has some features that are worth noting. One of them is that it can put time stamps on files, which facilitates working with various versions. Moreover, it can copy files even if they are locked by the system. It is good that it supports comparing file contents as well. Last but very important, the program lets you use macros to automate some types of processes. Although it allows transferring files to networked locations using even SFTP and WebDAV, the application cannot synchronize data to Cloud storage services.

In general, there is no reason why you should worry about the “free” part in the name of this tool because it does an excellent job in synchronizing data among various storage locations. There are certainly better tools of this type out there; yet, its being available at no cost is an absolute advantage provided its features are enough for you.

Pedro Castro
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  • Various synchronization methods.
  • Customized synchronization.
  • Support of macros.
  • Locked file copying.
  • Time stamps to mark file versions.
  • Support of SFTP and WebDAV.
  • Absolutely free to use


  • Scheduling tasks requires a third-party product.
  • Cannot synchronize Cloud locations
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