FreeFileSync 5.9

FreeFileSync lets you easily compare and synchronize folders and drives
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Manually synchronizing files is not an easy task, especially if large numbers of files are involved. You can even risk accidentally deleting or overwriting important data. Fortunately, there are applications like FreeFileSync which automate this process and make it easy, fast and risk-free.

As its name suggests, FreeFileSync is a free tool. Its main purpose is to allow users to easily compare the contents of two folders or drives, and, if necessary, synchronize them. It can compare the files using two methods: the faster comparison by file size and time, and the slower but more accurate binary comparison (compares the files by content). I like a lot the fact that this application lets you create custom synchronization rules and easily apply all kinds of file filters. Therefore you can put yourself in complete control over how the synchronization task will be performed. Simple, standard automatic bidirectional synchronizations can also be easily performed, with just one click of the mouse. A lot of other handy features are offered, including support for command-line mode, high synchronization speed and support for long path file names. The neat and easy-to-use interface is also worth mentioning.

In conclusion, FreeFileSync showed me that paying money is not always required in order to make use of high-quality applications. It makes file synchronization a very simple task.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Unicode support.
  • Command-line mode.
  • Two types of file comparisons.
  • Neat and clear interface.
  • Comprehensive "help" file.
  • Portable


  • Doesn't provide a scheduling option
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