Creates and manages backup copies of all your important files
FreeFileSync v11.9
2 Apr 2021
FreeFileSync v11.8
4 Mar 2021
FreeFileSync v9.6
7 Dec 2017
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v9.4
5 Oct 2017
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v9.2
3 Jul 2017
FreeFileSync v9.1
24 May 2017
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v9.0
16 Apr 2017
FreeFileSync v8.8
8 Jan 2017
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v8.7
6 Dec 2016
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v8.6
25 Oct 2016
FreeFileSync v8.5
17 Sep 2016
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v8.4
11 Aug 2016
FreeFileSync v8.3
9 Jul 2016
FreeFileSync v8.2
31 May 2016
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v8.10
22 Apr 2016
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v8.0
16 Mar 2016
FreeFileSync v7.9
13 Feb 2016
FreeFileSync v7.8
1 Jan 2016
FreeFileSync v7.7
2 Dec 2015
FreeFileSync v7.6
1 Nov 2015
FreeFileSync v7.5
1 Oct 2015
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v7.4
1 Sep 2015
FreeFileSync v7.3
2 Aug 2015
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v7.2
1 Jul 2015
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v7.1
6 Jun 2015
FreeFileSync v7.0.0
12 May 2015
FreeFileSync v6.9
2 Sep 2014
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v6.8
1 Aug 2014
FreeFileSync v6.7
1 Jul 2014
FreeFileSync v6.6
1 Jun 2014
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v6.5
2 May 2014
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v6.4
1 Apr 2014
FreeFileSync v6.3
2 Mar 2014
FreeFileSync v6.2
1 Feb 2014
FreeFileSync v6.15
1 Jan 2014
FreeFileSync v6.0
1 Dec 2013
FreeFileSync v5.11.0
24 Jan 2013
FreeFileSync v5.9
3 Nov 2012
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v5.4
2 Jun 2012
FreeFileSync v5.3
3 Apr 2012
FreeFileSync v5.23
1 Apr 2012
FreeFileSync v5.0
30 Jan 2012
FreeFileSync v4.4
22 Nov 2011
FreeFileSync v3.7
16 May 2010
FreeFileSync v3.4
4 Mar 2010
Editorial review
FreeFileSync v3.21
22 Dec 2009

What's new

v9.6 [7 Dec 2017]
- New installation command line option /disable_updates.
- Fixed crash when closing main dialog during sync.
- Fixed RealTimeSync crash after recursive mutex locking.
- Clean up obsolete files during installation.
- Avoid main dialog flash after minimized sync.
- Disable file list export until after comparison.
- Directly close progress dialog during sync.
- Redirect escape key from main dialog to progress dialog.
- Fixed startup delay during consistency checks.
- Updated translation files.

v9.4 [5 Oct 2017]

v9.2 [3 Jul 2017]
Use direct copy instead of transaction to speed up versioning
Replaced file existing handling with use of unique temporary names
Support SFTP authentication via Pageant/SSH agent
New menu option to restore hidden panels individually
Fixed GTK button icon being truncated (Linux)
Fixed error dialog hiding behind progress dialog (macOS)
Round out FTP symlink deletion handling
Support four-digit year format on IIS FTP
Fixed FTP parsing error for epoch time on Windows server
Narrow contract for file system abstraction regarding existing files
Treat failure to load database as error rather than warning
Save root folder access for certain FTP path checks

v9.1 [24 May 2017]
- Fixed crash when getting invalid data after item type check.
- Fixed copying symlinks pointing to network folders.
- Support resolving network paths in the NT namespace.
- Support FTP servers with broken MLST command (Pure-FTPd).
- Fixed FTP access error on file names containing special chars.
- Include raw FTP server response in error message.
- Quickly check server connection using a single FEAT.
- Don't change working directory when sending a single FTP command.
- Support FTP Unix listings missing group name.
- Support RFC-2640-non-compliant FTP servers having UTF8 disabled.
- Support FTP servers returning non-routable IP in PASV response.
- Support IPv6 when establishing FTP connections.
- Start external application keyboard shortcuts with zero.

v8.8 [8 Jan 2017]
Supports SFTP protocol

v8.7 [6 Dec 2016]
- New auto-updater feature for FreeFileSync Donation Edition.
- Download zip archive of portable FreeFileSync Donation Edition.
- New command line options to define parameters for silent installation.
- Support offline activation for portable Donation Edition.
- Use automatic keyboard-interactive SFTP authentication as fallback.
- Check for available SFTP authentication methods before login.
- Support cloud sync of portable edition installation files.
- Access donation transaction details from about dialog.
- Use width from flexible grid column when showing/hiding extra columns.
- Show item short names in middle column tooltip.
- Enhanced file category descriptions with modification times.
- Don't warn about missing recycle bin when only moving or updating attributes.
- Fixed crash when switching to main dialog during batch sync.

v8.6 [25 Oct 2016]
Added SFTP support for OS X
Support SFTP authentication via public/private key
Remember configuration history scroll position
SFTP folder picker supports browsing hidden folders
Fixed failure to copy files with corrupted ADS
Signed application installer (OS X)
Increase config history default size to 100 items
Auto-close FreeFileSync processes before uninstallation
Simplified SFTP configuration syntax
Fixed update check sending incomplete keep-alive header
Detailed error reporting after failed web access
Suggest folder path macro substitutions also at inner positions
Transfer folder creation times (OS X)

v8.5 [17 Sep 2016]
Support multiple SSH connections per SFTP folder traversal: N times speed up
Support multiple SFTP channels per SSH connection: additional N times speed up
Fixed installer crashes by using correct DEP-compatibility
Fixed notification area icon being generated too often
Thread-safe SFTP deinitialization on shutdown
Thread-safe mini-dump creation during shutdown
Fixed case-insensitive migration of new csidl macro names
Reduced SFTP access serialization overhead
Buffer SFTP sessions independently from usage context
Detect and discard timed-out SSH sessions
Pre-empt SFTP session disconnect via dedicated SFTP cleanup thread
Run SFTP tasks directly on worker threads without helper thread overhead

v8.4 [11 Aug 2016]
Mark temporary copies created by %local_path% read-only
Fixed crash when accessing Bitvise SFTP Servers
Support nanosecond-precision file time copying (Linux)
Start maximized instead of in full screen mode (OS X)
Fixed crash while setting privileges during shutdown
Fixed crash when failing to clean up log files
Fixed EOPNOTSUPP error when copying file to gvfs Samba share (Linux)
Fixed default external applications command line (Linux)
Thread-safe translation change even during app shutdown
Don't consider port and password when comparing SFTP paths
Updated translation files.

v8.3 [9 Jul 2016]
Make temporary local copy for non-native file paths: %local_path%
Support selections from both grid sides at a time for external applications
New external application macros: %item_path%, %folder_path%, %item_path2%, %folder_path2%
Migrate external application commands to new macro syntax
Support reverse grid search (Shift F3)
Don't condense empty sub folders on overview panel
Show changelog delta in update notification
Center modal dialogs after layout redetermination
Warn about portable installation into programs folder
Calculate default message dialog height depending on screen size
Don't substitute external applications path for empty base folder
Fixed prolonged tooltip time not being evaluated.

v8.2 [31 May 2016]
Follow shell links during drag and drop on main dialog (Windows)
Significantly improved main grid rendering performance
Log info about non-default global settings
Establish new network connections only when needed (Windows)
Show only a single login dialog per network share
Show login dialogs for the same network address one after another
Fixed endless recursion for paths containing certain unicode characters (OS X)
Support using portable version without direct installation
Fixed access denied error when verifying read-only target file (Windows)
New global option for sound cue after comparison
Updated help file

v8.10 [22 Apr 2016]
FreeFileSync 8.9 (2017-02-08):
- Detect when database file was copied and avoid "second part missing" error.
- Further reduced size of database files by 20%.
- Reduced amortized number of file operations during versioning.
- Added database file consistency checks to catch unexpected number of stream associations.
- Improved file I/O by detecting cross-device moves via path.
- Fixed path parsing failure when creating MTP directories.
- Implemented buffered stream I/O abstraction to prepare for FTP.
- Generalized file path handling for abstract file system implementations.
- Warn about outdated AvmSnd.dll before crashing during sound playback.
- Avoid libunity9 dependency for Ubuntu builds.
- Refactored OpenSSL and libssh2 initialization/shutdown.
- Case-insensitive grid sorting on Linux.
- Added 32-bit precompiled Debian/Ubuntu release.

v8.0 [16 Mar 2016]
The new Version supports the SFTP protocol.
FreeFileSync can now detect moved files on the source computer, even for targets with no file-id support.

v7.9 [13 Feb 2016]
New comparison variant: compare by file size
Buffer SFTP read/write accesses for optimal packet sizes
Configure folder access time out via GlobalSettings.xml
Drag and drop config files anywhere on main dialog
Work around "argument list too long" file copy error (OS X)
Work around "invalid argument" file copy error (OS X)
Support case-change when syncing to case-sensitive SFTP (Windows)
Select between sync completion sounds gong/harp.wav
Set up sync completion sound file in GlobalSettings.xml
Validate monitoring data to avoid RealTimeSync crash
Updated help file
Updated translation files

v7.8 [1 Jan 2016]
- Correctly resolve environment variables containing MTP paths
- Support at and colon characters in SFTP user name
- New context buttons for quick sync config changes
- Report specific error during folder existence check when starting sync
- Fail lately when traversing available MTP devices
- Correctly handle SFTP time-out error when checking folder existence
- Updated on completion command lines for log off/standby/shut down (Linux)
- Support HTML POST redirection for update checks
- Calculate UTC file times like Windows Explorer for MTP devices
- Don't reuse timed-out SFTP sessions with thread affinity
- Workaround SFTP session hang after unsupported statvfs command
- Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2e.

v7.7 [2 Dec 2015]
May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

v7.5 [1 Oct 2015]
FreeFileSync 7.5 [2015-10-01]:
- Detect moved files on source even for targets with no (SFTP) or unstable (FAT) file id support.
- Improved performance for detection of moved files by over 50%
- Added folder picker to select SFTP paths.
- Support additional SFTP ciphers by building upon OpenSSL backend.
- Added 10-seconds time out when SFTP command is hanging indefinitely.
- Work around unexpected SFTP session termination on Synology servers.
- Fixed various libssh2 and OpenSSL memory leaks.
- Fixed FreeFileSync taskbar link reuse (Windows 7).
- Avoid last error code being overwritten by certain C runtimes before evaluation.
- Run online update check asynchronously (Windows).
- Check source item existence before cleaning target during versioning (Linux, OS X).
- Check folder recursion limit to catch stack overflows.
- Doubled potential folder traversal recursion depth (Windows).
- Consider child elements of excluded folders during database clean up.

v7.3 [2 Aug 2015]
FreeFileSync 7.3 (2015-08-01):
- New context menu option to copy selected files to alternate folder (create diffs).
- Fill a folder pair by dropping two folders at a time from Explorer.
- Added option to set non-standard SFTP port.
- Prevent recursive creation of temporary Recycle Bin directories (Windows).
- Retrieve grid column label colors from the system.
- Fixed detection of already existing files when moving (Linux).
- Follow os convention for preferences (OS X).
- Prevent progress dialog from hiding behind main dialog (OS X).
- Fixed config saved status not updating when changing certain settings.
- Support for high dpi display settings.
- Fixed crash when help viewer is open during exit (Windows).
- Show manual deletion progress within comparison status panel.
- Further reduced number of file accesses during versioning.
- Fixed folder picker failing to select Desktop folder (Windows).

v7.2 [1 Jul 2015]
FreeFileSync 7.2 [2015-07-01]:
- Support synchronization with SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).
- Detailed error reporting when checking folder existence.
- Synchronize MTP devices with no modification time support.
- Set focus to comparison button on startup.
- Fixed transactional stream clean up error if target file already existing.
- Fixed incomplete input stream clean up on fadvise failure (Linux).
- Consider non-native paths for direct comparison after startup.
- Revised algorithm generating folder pair display name.
- Reduced number of file accesses during versioning.
- Stricter language file consistency checking.
- Resolved crash when running Windows 7 on CPUs without SSE2.
- Improved Minidump creation handling stack overflows.
- Revised path formatting to always match native representation.
- Fixed about dialog layout for large font sizes.
- Support Minidump creation for Windows XP.
- Updated translation files.

v7.1 [6 Jun 2015]
FreeFileSync 7.1 [2015-06-06]
Avoid various access denied errors when synchronizing with admin rights (Windows)
Accept Explorer drag and drop from MTP devices
Support showing MTP files with Explorer
Support opening MTP files with default application
Preselect active MTP folder in folder picker dialog
Work around file not found error when copying alternate data streams
Fixed access denied error when copying file times (Linux)
Work around boost bug causing RealtimeSync to wake PC (Windows)
Fixed naming convention "replace" for versioning
Skip space pre-allocation if not supported (OS X)
Use faster space pre-allocation method (Linux)
Transactional error handling when closing file streams
Fully initialize system image list for medium and large icons (Windows)
Handle XP backwards-compatibility with 32-bit build (Windows 64-bit)
Work around hang due to unsupported AVX2 instructions (Vista 64-bit)
Fixed invalid argument exception during app launch (OS X)
Fixed binary comparison checking for wrong buffer size
Fixed GetLogicalProcessorInformation not found startup error (Windows XP SP2)
Support IP-based UNC paths with folder selector (Windows)
Use standard file permissions for application bundle (OS X)
Updated help file and added tips and tricks chapter

v6.9 [2 Sep 2014]
FreeFileSync 6.9 [2014-09-01]:
- Reuse FreeFileSync taskbar link when available (Windows 7).
- Limit number of retries when creating temporary files.
- Fixed bitmap rendering issue for high-contrast color schemes.
- Revised and fixed unclear GUI texts.
- Updated deprecated system call when suspending idle (OS X).
- Fixed retry when failing to determine recycle bin status.
- Added progress graph legend.
- Updated translation files.

v6.8 [1 Aug 2014]
- Added comparison option to ignore file time shift in hours
- Tentatively disabled DST hack affecting FAT file creation times
- Added menu option to reset GUI layout
- File sizes ignore sync direction in overview panel
- Sort by file name also sorts folder names
- Main grid column "full path" includes file name
- Always position comparison progress below main buttons
- Fixed high-precision tick count calculations
- Fully restart directory traversal on errors

v6.6 [1 Jun 2014]
FreeFileSync 6.6 [2014-06-01]:
- Fixed large font size standard button layout.
- Fixed config dialog graphics glitch with large font sizes.
- Exit FreeFileSync launcher process during update.
- Exclude temporary files from RealtimeSync monitor.
- Implement correct standard button spacing (OS X).
- Fixed SELinux compilation issue (Linux).
- Installer adds RealtimeSync link to desktop (Windows).
- Improved makefile (Linux, OS X).
- Reduced binary file size (Linux).
- Updated translation files.

v6.4 [1 Apr 2014]
FreeFileSync 6.4 [2014-04-01]
Combined comparison, filter and sync config dialogs
Support alternate GlobalSettings.xml file via command line
Toggle between config panels with F6, F7, F8
Show config status icons in notebook panel caption
Redesigned configuration dialog layouts
Fixed startup error after moving installation directory
Fixed retry on failure to resolve path by volume name
Resolved ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS when creating temporary recycle bin subdirectory
Added "save as gui job" button on main dialog
Added Bulgarian language

v5.9 [3 Nov 2012]
Scroll grid under mouse cursor
Move files directly to recycle bin without parent "FFS 2012-05-15 131513" temporary folders Offer $HOME directory alias in directory dropdown list (Linux)
Support for tilde (~) character in input folder paths (Linux)
New environment variables for RealtimeSync: %change_action%, "%change_path%
Use Internet Explorer proxy settings for new version check (Windows)
Show proper error message after failed symlink creation
Start comparison upon double-clicking config list
New batch return code: "Synchronization completed with warnings"
Hide files that won't be copied by default if direction "none" is part of the rule set (e.g. update variant)
Remember save config and folder picker dialog positions separately
New sync completion sound
Fixed sync completion sound not playing (Ubuntu)

v5.3 [3 Apr 2012]
-Compare files (bytewise or by date) and synchronize them.
-No limitations: An arbitrary number of files can be synchronized.

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