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Protect important data from various types of failures by making backup copies
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FreeFileSync is intended to protect important data from various types of failures by making backup copies on different locations or devices. The tool conveniently supports many types of locations, including local folders, portable devices, mapped network drives and FTP sites. It is a pity that, unlike other programs, it does not come with presets that allow you to use Cloud-storage services, although you can always access them if you know their IP and provide proper authentication credentials.

The interface is fairly graphical as you can visualize both locations, and there is a button to execute either of the two available operations: comparing and synchronizing. You can compare the stored files by using several properties, such as size, time and type of contents. Likewise, you can set exclusion or inclusion filters for given file extensions. Luckily, it can manage long names without the errors that usually occur. Not only that, it also supports detecting renamed files and folders as well as copying locked files.

Good news is that program supports three different synchronization methods. There is the two-way synchronization, which creates exact copies on both sides, as it keeps the most recent files only. As to mirror synchronization, it only updates the data on the target folder to create an exact copy of the source. Update synchronization, in turn, can help you save a lot of time because it only copies new files or updates the modified ones on the target location. Fortunately, you can also create your own synchronization method, based on your specific needs.

To conclude, I consider FreeFileSync an excellent choice to manage backing up crucial information at no cost. The tool can effectively help you automate backup operations by supporting scheduled tasks. It is also good that the program is frequently updated. However, I must say that there are more powerful tools of this type available.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports local and remote locations
  • Has three synchronization methods
  • Supports long file names
  • Can copy blocked files
  • Permits scheduling tasks


  • Does not come with presets to connect to Cloud storage services
  • Less powerful than other similar tools
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