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FreeFileSync helps you synchronize files and folders with ease
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FreeFileSync is a simple, handy and reliable application that offers a convenient method to synchronize files and folders. Performing this action manually, without the help of a specialized application like this one would be not only very difficult but also quite risky, as you could mistakenly overwrite important data. FreeFileSync doesn’t make file synchronization only easy and fast, but also safe.

Before performing the actual synchronization tasks, FreeFileSync can accurately compare the contents of folders and determine the differences, if any. Two comparison methods are available: the faster comparison by file size and file modification time, and the slower but more accurate binary comparison (compares the files by content). FreeFileSync also supports file filters and various file synchronization rules. Different types of synchronization, such as bidirectional or unidirectional, are also supported.

Though it comes with plenty of useful features, FreeFileSync is also very easy-to-use. Its simple and straightforward interface can be used with ease even by complete beginners. Furthermore, it’s an open-source application that doesn’t cost a cent, and it also comes with a neat and handy portable version. In conclusion, it’s a great file synchronization tool that leaves no room for complaint.

Margie Smeer
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  • The synchronization process can be paused.
  • Accurate folder content comparison.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Open source


  • Doesn't feature scheduling possibilities
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